Friday, June 7, 2013

Yankees release Chien-Ming Wang

Twitter has been abuzz lately, with news that Chien-Ming Wang has finally opted out of his contract with the Yankees. He'd chosen to remain with the club after a few similar junctures, however he exercises his out clause due to his recent success in Triple-A and interest elsewhere. Elsewhere isn't even too far, as it was quickly tweeted that Wang will sign with the Toronto Blue Jays, who continue to fall short of their preseason's lofty expectations.

I couldn't resist Wang-related news because this was the headline on the LoHud Yankees blog this afternoon:

This comes years after Wang's tragic interleague misstep, from which his career never fully recovered. Unfortunate as the injury was, there was a silver lining. It produced one of my favorite news headlines of all time:

In all seriousness, it's sad to see a player who may have contributed positively to the club go, not to mention losing the potential revitalization of a one-time unconventional Yankees ace.

.. but you have to admit, it's great to have Wang back in the news.

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